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What it’s like to live in Hayward

If your idea of the good life is a clean and green neighborhood, look no further than Hayward. This 162,000-strong city in vibrant Alameda County is known for its eco-friendly lifestyle and robust sus...

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Why buy a home in Union City

Want to climb up the Silicon Valley ladder, but can’t quite afford its rising real estate prices? Then, the next best place to settle is Union City, which is a mere 25 miles away. Its peaceful way of life, the diverse housing market, and conv...

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Why you will love to live in Fremont

Welcome to Fremont, the happiest city in America! Here, you can raise a family, enjoy stretches of green space, and let loose in its vibrant nightlife – all in one place. Life is nothing short of cinematic in Fremont – after all, the Niles ...

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Why buy a home in San Leandro

Located a mere 25 miles from San Francisco but light years away from the din of the city, San Leandro draws in families looking to put down roots and go-getters eager to expand their professional horizons. Lake Chabot and San Francisco Bay boun...

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Why consider buying a house at Castro Valley

From rodeos to ranches, Castro Valley is the perfect union of Western charm and modern-day sensibilities. Nestled in the Californian canyons, the unincorporated community is home to vibrant downtowns and hiking trails. It’s also the most popu...

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Things to do in Discovery Bay

Once a sparkling summer town, the community of Discover Bay is now a prestigious waterfront neighborhood where residents can indulge in an exquisite resort lifestyle, complete with a full-service marina, sunny weather, and spotless waterways. T...

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Why people come and stay in Brentwood

Experience the peak of countryside living when you explore the Northern California city of Brentwood. As an agricultural town, Brentwood has distinguished itself over the years as the Bay Area’s primary source of the finest farm-picked peache...

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Why live in Mountain House

Perched on the foothills of Mt. Diablo and adjacent to the mountainous Altamont Pass, Mountain House is an oasis in San Joaquin County but it’s also quite close to the counties of Alameda and Contra Costa. Here, residents can retreat to their...

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Why families put down their roots in Tracy

Few cities can say they have farmlands and Fortune 100 companies in one place, but the city of Tracy has all that and more. Here, past meets present to form a fusion of small-town charm and urban convenience. 

While the rest of the Bay Area...

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Things that you’ll love to do in Walnut Creek

Want to pursue a corporate job by day and a career in the arts at night? In Walnut Creek, it’s possible. 

A short drive away from San Francisco and Silicon Valley, the city of Walnut Creek is where Contra Costa County’s most creative mi...

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